We can review your situation and give you a good estimate of the cost of the services which you require.  We will work with you to minimize your overall accounting and tax preparation fees, as well as your state and federal tax burden.

Periodic bookkeeping fees:

In order to estimate your bookkeeping fees, determine the number of financial transactions which your business has in a month or quarter.  Now divide the number of transactions by 25.  It takes us about an hour to accurately record 25 transactions, so the number that you now have is the number of hours that we will need to record your transactions.  Our hourly bookkeeping rate is $70.  


Payroll processing varies greatly in complexity and volume depending on the business.  We generally charge a flat fee amount for payroll once we have completed the setup of your data files and processed a couple of payrolls.  We generally do not charge beyond a nominal fee for the conversion of your year-to-date data and other payroll setup.

Quarterly reports:

Quarterly reports (Excise, 941, Employment Security, Labor & Industry) are billed on a flat fee basis.  Any additional bookkeeping which is required to complete these returns-not usually necessary-is billed separately.

Other services:

We can assist businesses in startup mode with registration with WA state as well as the obtaining of required operating licenses, such as a liquor license for a restaurant.   These fees vary depending on the nature of the assistance required.